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Introduction to the Farm Safety Plan

The diversity of Saskatchewan farming results in various blends of safety hazards on individual farms.  This Farm Safety Plan workbook will allow your family to adapt your Farm Safety Plan to the current and changing needs within your specific farming operation.

A survey done by Farm Credit Canada (FCC) supported by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), indicates that only 15% of Canadian farmers have a formal safety plan even though 83% believe that safety on the job is important.

The Network houses a large library of health and safety resources available to assist you with your Farm Safety Plan.  Many of them are available on this website.  If you would like a hard copy of a resource, call the Network at (306) 966-6644.  The Network’s goal is to put a Farm Safety Plan into the hands of all Saskatchewan farm families.

Injury prevention is positive for individuals, for economic reasons, and workplace moral.

Please take some time to go through these templates to easily activate your customized farm safety plan. The PDF version of our booklet is also posted on this website, or you may request that we send one out to you.

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards activating your Farm Safety Plan!

“Sometimes we don’t give safety the attention it deserves or requires.  We get too tied up in the haste of the moment and the pressures of the season.  Going through the Farm Safety Plan will help keep it on the forefront and be a reminder of how important safety is.”

~Eugene Matwishyn
Saskatchewan Producer