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Farm Safety Mapping


The purpose of this activity is to identify the hazards on your farm.  The mapping exercise works with existing knowledge of your family farm.  It provides a basis for critical thinking, conversation and reflection.

This can be done with workers or family or used as a tool for training new employees or anyone visiting your property.  It is also a good tool for workers whose first language is not English.  The Farm Safety Walkabout is another great Network resource to use with new workers and children.


  • Markers
  • Large piece of paper (The larger the better!)
  • On a smaller scale, a pencil and graph paper works too.


Here are some sample items you may wish to put on your map.  Of course, with each individual farm yard there will be a unique combination of hazards to be addressed.

  • House, barn and other buildings
  • GPS locations of house, gate, and farm buildings
  • Fences and gates
  • Access roads and tracks
  • Transport vehicle loading/unloading locations
  • Overhead and underground power lines
  • Dams and water courses
  • Unsuitable ATV terrain
  • Flood prone areas
  • Pesticide storage areas
  • Machinery

Also identify the locations of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and eyewashes.


Take some time to ask questions and discuss the reasons why certain items are in their specific locations.  Locate all the danger zones, off-limits areas (especially for children), and discuss any changes that need to be made.  Sample questions for a children’s map:

  • Where is the children’s play area?
  • Where are you allowed to go with an adult?  Without an adult?  Where are you never allowed to go?