Did you know?

Most bull-related fatalities occur in August, during breeding season.

Customizing Your Farm Safety Plan

The Templates provided are Designed to Help You to Customize Your Farm Safety Plan

Making it Easy
These information sheets and templates are tools to get you started right now and to make it as easy as possible to keep a record of your efforts on your Farm Safety Plan.  Complacency can hurt you when you least expect it.  It is better to be prepared.

Customizing Rules and Guidelines
Rules and guidelines you set up for your family and workers can be customized.  These rules should be reviewed at least every year.  Things change.  This is part of what makes farming exciting and interesting throughout the years and seasons.

Whether or not you have paid employees, it is important to have a Farm Safety Plan.  The templates here are downloadable and printable to assist you in your growing document.

Why Should Producers have a Farm Safety Plan?
Agriculture is one of the most dangerous occupations to be part of.  However, without it there would be no food production to sustain the world’s population.  The farm is a place where people live, work, and visit.  A benefit of a Farm Safety Plan is to assist in reducing injuries and fatalities related to agriculture production.  It is also a valuable step towards demonstrating due diligence.