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The Agricultural Health and Safety Network is on Facebook

By Bonita Mechor
Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture
September 7, 2012

To address the numerous requests that we receive to increase our electronic opportunities, we are using social media.  It is our goal to provide Saskatchewan farm families with health and safety information, and Facebook is one avenue that we can use to reach our farm families.

Through Facebook we can offer Saskatchewan farm families the opportunity to interact in groups.  They can also receive notice of current information and updates to supplement the farm safety education strategies they use in their farming operation. 

Our resources are available on our website, and paper copies are available through our office.

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/AgricultureHealthSafetyNetwork

Phone:  (306) 966-6644, or 966-6647

Website:  aghealthandsafetynetwork.usask.ca

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