Did you know?

58 Canadians died in work-related livestock incidents between 1990 and 2000 as noted by The Canadian Agricultural Injury Surveillance Program (CAISP).


Farm Safety is in Your Hands

By Bonita Mechor
Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture
September 30, 2011

Let the New Year be your fresh start for farm health and safety.  Encourage your RM to join the Network and make your Farm Safety Plan a New Year’s resolution.

The Network is proud of our long term member’s commitment to health and safety and excited to welcome new members.  The Network shouldn’t be Saskatchewan’s best kept secret.  It should include all Saskatchewan farm families experiencing the benefits of Network membership.

Put Network membership into your RM’s budget for 2012.  204 RMs have joined the Network to provide health and safety services and resources to their farm families. Farmers care about their family’s safety.   Join the Network and book a Farm Safety Plan workshop for this winter.

Call (306) 966-6647 to ask questions about joining the Network or to book a Farm Safety Plan workshop for 2011-2012!