Did you know?

If you put your hearing protection in at the start of your work day or keep it close for easy access you are more likely to use it.

What is the Network?

The Mission Statement

To improve health and safety on the farm through education, service and evaluation research. The ultimate goal is to reduce injury and illness related to the farm environment through co-operative efforts with our partners.

The Story of the Agricultural Health and Safety Network

In 1988, the Agricultural Health & Safety Network (The Network) began as a joint venture between the Centre for Agricultural Medicine, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (RM) and six Saskatchewan Rural Municipalities. The Network was founded with the mission “to improve health and safety on the farm through education, service and evaluation research.”

Since then, the Centre for Agricultural Medicine became the Institute of Agricultural Rural and Environmental Health and eventually to what is now known as the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture (CCHSA).  The Network functions as CCHSA’s rural extension division and has grown to 216 RMs in 2016. From the Network’s location at the University of Saskatchewan, occupational health and safety information and programs are delivered to over 27,000 Saskatchewan farm families - this is more than half of all the farm families in Saskatchewan.

Rural Municipalities pay an annual fee of $4.60 per active farm family to benefit from the Network resources and services. Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture funds are combined with membership fees to develop and deliver farm health and safety educational materials and services to the Network RMs. Network staff recruit funds though granting agencies to augment Rural Municipality fees and Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture funds.