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The Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture partnered with the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) and six Rural Municipalities in 1988 and founded the Agricultural Health and Safety Network with the mission  “to improve health and safety on the farm through education, service, and evaluation research.”
This project has continued over a span of 20 years and continues to grow.  There are now 204 RMs that are members of the Network. This steady increase attests to the viability and success of the program.

Partnering with the Network
  • Talk to your Rural Municipality about partnering with the Network.
  • RMs pay an annual fee of $4.60 per active farm family to benefit from the Network resources and services. The maximum network membership fee is capped at $1200 per RM.
  • The Steering Committee is an advisory group composed of RM councilors.  These committee members represent the voices of Saskatchewan farmers, thier families and their workers to provide direction and feedback on programs delivered in The Network.
    • Division #1: Ken Aldous, Reeve, RM of Willowdaye No. 153
    • Division #2: Robert Lax, Councillor, RM of Pense No. 160
    • Division #3: Floyd Thunstrom, Councillor, RM of Coteau No. 25
    • Division #4: Brenda Zemluck, Councillor, RM of Elfros No. 307
    • Division #5: Walter Kabaroff, Councillor, RM of Blaine Lake No. 434
    • Division #6: Bonnie Mills-Midgley, Reeve, RM of Frenchman Butte No. 501

Membership Map

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